Introduction to Internet Marketing

Online marketing is ever evolving and needs frequent maintenance to stay effective. When you have a good set of resources, like those provided in this material, it’s important to keep it handy and reuse the concepts and strategies to increase success and fine tune methods.

We will break down everything you need to know about online marketing and how it specifically applies to your small business. We’ll walk through how to get online, build your online presence and use that presence to maximize your database and profits. We’ll work through strategies utilizing Facebook, SEO, PPC, Twitter, affiliates and more.

This program offers a wide variety of information for you to mix and match so you can put together the best small business marketing plan for your online debut. The section format is designed to help you work smoothly through different tools and concepts, but still utilize the information as individual pieces.

The six sections I work on are:

  • Section One: Intro to Small Business Marketing Online
  • Section Two: Building Your Online Presence
  • Section Three: Basic Online Marketing Tools
  • Section Four: The Next Level of Online Marketing
  • Section Five: Publicize & Advertise Your Online Presence
  • Section Six: Tips & Tricks for Ultimate Success

You can see how these sections help you find the information you want in a quick reference style. This allows you to have a well-rounded approach to your online marketing experience.

I offer much more than your everyday approach to online marketing. We customize it to helping small business owners, like you, transition from offline only marketing to a joint marketing venture including online marketing avenues as well.

Next week we will start to take a deeper look at each section. We will break down the components offered about what online marketing is all about.

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